How much does Kiliaro cloud cost?

A Kiliaro account always comes with a free plan, no strings attached. With a free Kiliaro account you can share photos to friends and socialize. 

You can at any time choose to purchase the Kiliaro cloud to backup and secure your photos and videos. 

Kiliaro cloud costs only €2  per month and you'll get: 

  • Unlimited storage space for your private photos and video clips.
  • Auto-uploading. New photos and videos are automatically uploaded to your Kiliaro cloud.
  • Timeline view. All your photos and videos are sorted in chronological order.
  • Albums. It’s easy to create albums of important events or memorable moments.
  • Original size. We support all common formats such as jpg, png, avi, mpg and mp4, storing them without any compression.
  • Geo-tagging. Kiliaro imports the location information in your photos.

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